Finding Credible Sources


Is your source CRAAP?

What is the purpose of the CRAAP test? To decide whether a source is high quality or not and to make sure it is credible enough to use in your speech. 




  • Was this source written recently enough to be accurate? 
  • Has it been revised or updated? 
  • Do the links work? 



  • Does the information relate to your topic or answer your question? 
  • Who is the intended audience? 
  • Have you checked other sources to make sure yours is the most relevant to your topic? 



  • Who wrote, published, or publicized it? 
  • What makes the author an expert? 
  • Are they backed by an institution (such as a university or institute)? If not, are they a primary source? 



  • Is there supporting evidence? 
  • Has the information been reviewed by experts or factcheckers? 
  • Are there spelling or other errors? 
  • What are other experts saying about it? 



  • Why was the information created? Is it to promote something? Sell ads? Drive votes? 
  • Is the purpose clear? 
  • What biases can you find? What are others saying about the author or the source? 
  • What is your purpose and bias? 

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