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Volume is one of the simpler concepts that can go a long way in making your presentation better.

1. Volume is how loud a speaker’s voice is during a presentation

2. Volume is one of the most vital elements of any speech. If your voice does not reach the audience, it becomes much harder for your content to resonate with the audience

3. Projecting your voice demonstrates confidence, which is a crucial element of presenting a good speech.

Tips for Using Effective Volume

1. Project your Voice

Make sure you are speaking loud enough so the person furthest in the back can clearly hear what you say. Try visualizing your voice as a physical presence that you are pushing to the back of the room.

2. Have Proper Posture

Standing with proper form will go a long way in helping your voice travel further. Stand tall and you will notice the difference.

3. Practice Proper Distance

Make sure your volume is sufficient enough to minimize the distance between you and the audience. This is especially true if you tend to speak quietly or have a naturally quiet voice.

4. Vocal Variety

Speaking with a proper volume is important but also make sure you are also varying your volume. Speaking at different volumes throughout your presentation is an effective way to highlight key points. Speaking at a lower volume draws your audience in. Alternatively, a louder volume will emphasis key points.

5. Start Strong

Begin your speech with a commanding volume. This is an effective way to capture the audience attention right away.

6. Finish Strong

Emphasize your conclusion by using a commanding volume. Speak loudly, clearly, and with an appropriate pace to bring a sense of closure to your speech.

7. Practice makes Perfect

Practice at home or in a classroom with your roommates, friends, family, or anyone who will listen. Practice in a variety of room sizes with an audience member sitting at the back of the room. Have your audience member make note of your vocal variety and if they can hear you throughout the whole presentation.